a short story about rose, a young girl, and her cruel mother.

FIRST BITSY GAME (13th of August, 2018)

i made this game in a couple of hours and  made everything up as i went, so the pacing might be either too slow or too fast and there may be plotholes as well.  since i made this a story-based game, it helps to explore everything to understand a bit more of the story. rose's age isn't really implied so it's up to you how old she is.

there are two endings: one good, one bad, and that's it. the endings are pretty easy to achieve; the ending you get depends on which direction you decide to take after exploring a certain room.

(click on the game window to play.)

QUICK WARNINGS: There will be some verbal abuse and implied physical abuse (it's fairly hidden though). The mum is a terrible person, just saying.

music from: http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/

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